Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 17: Finally a Fat Picture!

time: 9:26 PM
listening to: Jack's Lament covered by The All American Rejects
weight: 227 pounds
quote of the day: "Raise your head up
Lift high the load
Take strength from those that need you" - Two Worlds by Phil Collins
(i watched Tarzan today, i LOVE that movie!)

hello! so as you can see i've gained 3 pounds over the Holiday ha : P oh well. i'm still going for this, and with something my parents told me, i'm more pumped than EVER! (i will talk about that something else in the next blog, which will be coming Friday night or Monday night...)

but anyway! : P here is my Fat Picture.

my father got me this hoodie for Christmas, and though i ADORE it i hope in a few months it won't fit anymore ; )

anyway good night my friends!
have a wonderful New Year's!
i know i will ; )

Todays Silver Lining: even though i am large and unhealthy, i do have a beautiful body. my body is a blessing. my body works. every joint moves. every cell works in its correct way. The Lord has blessed me with youth and i am accepting that blessing : )

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 1 : Feels like Change is Going to Come

time: 6:02
listening to: Hope it Comes Soon by Hanson
weight: 224 pounds
quote of the day:
"Are you satisfied with just enough
Or are you ready to stop trying?
Somehow we’ve been making it by
But I’m tired of toeing the line
Feels like a change is going to come" - Hope it Comes Soon by Hanson
(great song. go listen on youtube or something, totally)

Hello! today is going to be a great day. i can feel it in my bones. in my blood. i'm so excited!

so i've been saying for a long time that i was going to start this blog but i never really had the gusto to really start ha! but...... now i do. i watched the Biggest Loser finale last night and i was just so full! so full of joy and hope and change! it was absolutely glorious. and i went to bed a different person.

so with that here i am. my name is Bailey Marin and i am 15 years old. someone promised me quite a few months ago that if i lost 60 pounds before my 16th birthday he would buy a car. well..... i'm going to honor that agreement starting today. i am 15 and weigh 224 pounds. that means at the end of these 8 months, my birthday is August 26th, i will weight 176 pounds, at the maximum. as a bonus, at the start of that agreement i was 236 pounds, so i'm already 12 pounds closer to 60! wo! and i'm going to document the next 8 months here. for myself, for my family, for my new car, and for the world to know that yes, you too can do it.

everyday or at least once a week i'll talk about how i'm feeling that day, how i did on my diet, how much i weigh, that sort of thing. i'm just a little bit bummed because i don't have a fat picture yet hahaha but if i told myself i'll wait till Saturday to start this blog, i never would start it. and yes this is finals week, what a FABULOUS time to start a new lifestyle right? haha wrong. but again if i put it off i'd never do it. and even better than finals week, IT'S CHRISTMAS! (have a merry one by the way) so yeah. if it seems like i'm starting off to a rocky start.... its because i am haha. but at least i'm starting. that's what i'm thinking. i'm starting.

not only am i going to lose 60 pounds but i am going to change my heart. my thoughts of infested with hate and anger and self indulgence. i'm out of control when it comes to eating and laziness and self loathing. i'm going to gain control of every aspect of my life. i'm going to gain happiness and peace. because i'm going to tell you straight, no amount of weight loss will make anyone happy. its not about the weight. its about something deeper, something different. through this blog i'm going to explore, and hopefully explain?, what that something else is. and hopefully i'll come out anew, body and spirit!

at the end of every blog, bad, happy, sad, ugly, beautiful, whatever the blog was i'm going to have a silver lining. that is what will keep me going : ) because even though today is a very good day, the school just called and its a SNOW DAY! woo!, not everyday will be as wonderful as today. i will need those silver linings and maybe it'll help you to find yours... i don't know but i hope so.

i hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful day! i'm going to back to sleep!

Today's Silver Lining: today is the first day of the rest of my life. if i do it now, i will never have to do it again.